5 Signs That A Man Knows You’re the One

There’s a saying that goes,”When you know, you know’ and that refers to the ‘One’. The concept of the ‘One’ is one’s soulmate. Many theories have been shared on how you know that you have found that person. For men it’s very simple. There are certain characteristics of a woman that a man is in a relationship with that indicate that they have found the ‘One’. Are you a lady in a long-term relationship and ready to move onto the next step? Below are 5 signs that a man knows that you are the one.

5 Signs That Man Knows You're the One
5 Signs That A Man Knows You’re the One

1. You give a man his space

Men do not want to feel controlled or manipulated. They want to be in a relationship that they feel that they have freedom to live their own lives. It doesn’t mean that won’t spend quality time with their partners. A man will commit long-term to a woman who is secure and allows him to be himself.

2. No need to change

If both partners are dissatisfied with the way they are that can mean a dead end. If a man feels that you need major changes, or if you are constantly asking him to change; then he will think that you are not the ‘one’.

3. He feels supported and encouraged

In Steve Harvey’s ‘Think Like A Man, Act Like A Lady’, the author shares that a man needs to feel appreciated. Men need to constant encouragement and support in a loving way. If you are able to give those to a man, he is more likely to believe that you could be “the one” for him.

4. Marriage talk doesn’t scare him

Men don’t normally rush into long-term commitments or marriage. If a man starts discussing marriage or doesn’t block you when you talk about marriage, then he might be thinking of making you his wife.

5. He spends lots of quality time with you

When a man spends so much of his time with a woman it’s because he enjoys her company. He is aiming to build a friendship and might be thinking long-term. If the relationship goes beyond physical attraction and intimacy This may be a sign that you maybe “the one” for him.

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