10 Jobs Artificial Intelligence Will Replace

While technological advancements are aiming to make human life simpler and efficient, many people in the job market aren’t so sure about their positions. Companies behind artificial intelligence have mentioned that robots are meant to help human being do their job better. Analysts however believe that a large percent of jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence  (AI) by 2030. There are a number of human services that are now being made available online by machines at cheaper rates or even free. Employers might take on having AI in their companies as it’s cost effective. While some jobs will continue to require human labour below are 10 jobs that will be replaced by artificial intelligence.

10 Jobs Artificial Intelligence Will Replace
10 Jobs Artificial Intelligence Will Replace

1. Telemarketers

This is due to the fact that this job doesn’t require special qualifications and has a 99% likelihood to be replaced.

2. Bookkeeping clerks

Due to software such as QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and Microsoft Office, bookkeeping is becoming automated. The programs are much cheaper than a person’s salary hence there 98% probability that the job will be replaced by AI.

3. Teachers

There is software available online whereby teachers and professors can send coursework for hundreds of students at a time. This means that being in a physical classroom might not be required. As the internet makes it easier to study from home, the whole school system is likely to be replaced by artificial intelligence.

4. Receptionists

Automated phone and scheduling systems can replace a lot of the traditional receptionist role.
5. Bank Tellers

From ATMs, to mobile applications and internet banking, the role of a bank teller is slowly diminishing. Automated banking processes bank procedures and transactions at a fraction of the cost and time it takes for human employees. 

6. Journalists 

The future of journalism and writing could be holding onto a thread. AI is already writing reports and proof reading not to mention at a shorter time. However journalism has a level of complexity in terms of needing emotional and psychological tactics to draw stories and interviews. Unless machines get to this level maybe ther is hope.

7. Advertising Agents

Already print media is slowly being replaced by online media. Social media platforms are making it easy for people to buy advertising space on their platforms. This cuts the advertising agency out of the equation and makes it faster and easier for users to make money. Plus it’s cheaper.

8. Farmers
Artificially intelligent robots are doing pretty much a lot of the farmers work. From milking to ploughing and harvesting, the work that was once done by human hands is simplified. With technological advances, machines do the work faster and efficiently. 

9. Drivers
Already cars that can drive themselves have been showcased. This means any job that required drivers might be simplified. Couriers and delivery people are already being replaced by drones and robots. Taxi drivers will also feel the pinch of automated driving.

10. Actors
After watching the late Michael Jackson and Tupac’s holograms perform on stage, it’s clear that people are replaceable. A lot of movies of late are being shot using advanced CGI techniques. This technology might put out not only potential actors but even musicians and celebrities themselves.

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