10 Reasons to Quit Dieting Now

You have probably gone out to eat with a friend or family member and hear them say, “Sorry, I’m on a diet!” At times you look at them and wonder where the results of that diet can be evidently seen? A lot of diets seem to be like fads and often don’t work for a lot of people. If you have been one of those people who has tried every diet on the planet, it’s probably time that you quit. The goal of losing weight and maintaining it, is to have a balanced diet which provides all the nutrients that your body needs. Making small changes to your lifestyle is the best way to go including exercising. Below are 10 reasons to quit dieting now.

10 Reasons to Quit Dieting Now
10 Reasons to Quit Dieting Now













1. They’re hard to stick to because they don’t fit into our lives.

2. Some diets are ridiculous with most requiring a level of starvation which is very bad for your health.

3. Some diets require individual to cut out entire essential food groups in order to lose weight hence making them unhealthy.

4. Diets are counterproductive as they don’t fit into individuals daily lifestyle.


5. Diets cause depression because of the restrictive and complicated demands which often make you feel like a failure.


6. Diets are not economical hence they drain your wallet.

7. Diets are not long term hence lack focus on your health as a whole.


8. Diets cause  fatigue, low energy and it can even stall weight loss.

9.  Diets may increase cravings, guilt, and overeating.

10. Diets aren’t the answer for everyone to lose or maintain weight.



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