10 Weight Loss Myths That Everyone Believes

Whether it’s weight loss or maintenance, a number of dieters often find themselves falling for any sort of advice.  There are certain so-called weight loss ‘facts’ that people believe because it’s information placed in books and media. However some of the facts might either be misunderstood or not delivered well. These weight loss ‘facts’ then become myths which certainly need to be debunked. If you intend on going on a weight loss program or lifestyle then you need to know what’s fact and what’s unproved nonsense. Below are 10


10 Weight Loss Myths That Everyone Believes
10 Weight Loss Myths That Everyone Believes













1.Eating Breakfast Boosts Metabolism

Eating breakfast can help to curb late morning cravings but it doesn’t boost metabolism. It’s what you eat all day in calories that counts when it comes to wight loss.

2. Starchy foods cause weight gain

Many have been told that bread, pasta or potatoes aren’t good for you if you want to lose weight. Most processed starches lack nutrients and don’t cause weight gain unless you eat too much of them.


3. Bananas make you fat

Bananas are actually packed with a number of nutrients and actually can curb cravings.

4. Eating Small Frequent Meals Promotes Weight Loss

Apparently when you eat small meals during the day you increase hunger and even cravings.


5. Starvation Mode Causes Weight Gain

Some dieters believe that if you don’t eat often enough, your body’s metabolism stops and you start to gain weight. However you shouldn’t always eat to avoid being hungry, instead allow your metabolism and body to adapt to your new eating habits.


6. You Should Always Eat More Protein

You need a balanced diet that includes carbohydrates for energy, and good fat sources for healthy cells. A high protein diet is required if you are working out and need to maintain muscle mass.


7. Natural Foods Are Better For Your Diet

Some natural foods are actually high in calories so you need to monitor your selected natural foods.


8. Healthy Eating Is Easy

Some things are easier said than done but adopting healthy eating habits requires a lot of discipline, commitment and lifestyle changes. This may not be easy as diet has a lot of external influences such as religion, culture and even emotions.


9. High Intensity Workouts Are Better

High intensity exercises do help in weight loss however moderate workouts are just as effective and prevent you from suffering from a burnout.


10. Weight loss surgery is cheating

We have all seen how critics slam some celebrities for undergoing surgery to lose weight. However at times it’s critical for some dieters to undergo bariatric surgery so as to help speed up weight loss.









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