Tips To Answer ‘What is your Biggest Weakness’ Interview Question

One of the most common and tricky interview question is: “What is your greatest weakness?” Though many candidates believe that it’s a pointless question most hiring managers still ask it. Interviewers can assess what type of person you are in the way that you answer this question even if you are not honest. The question is asked in several ways and caution must be taken on answering.
Interviews are meant to showcase all our positive attributes but because we are only human, interviewers want to understand our imperfections. Interviewers ask this question to understand whether an interviewee is self aware and honest about their weaknesses. Below are tips on how to answer the tough question,”What is your biggest weakness?”

Tips To Answer 'What is your Biggest Weakness' Interview Question
Tips To Answer ‘What is your Biggest Weakness’ Interview Question












5 Questions to Help You know your weakness and what you’re doing about it.

As the ‘weakness’ question is one that you’ll be asked time and time again, how can you prepare for it? Here are 5 key questions to help you:

1. What are you not so good at work or perhaps in your personal life? i.e. any feedback from colleagues, friends and family; anything you’re less confident about?

2. Why aren’t you good at it?

3. What examples do you that show this weakness?

4. What are you doing to overcome that weakness?

5. What results have you had?

By taking this approach you are providing greater depth into your weakness and showing that you’re taking action to overcome. Taking the time to prepare for this question will turn a weak question into a strong one.


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