5 Points Investors Want Start-ups To Pitch To Them

Being a start-up business is the most challenging journey yet still when looking for investment. While at times you might need to take time before seeking an investor for your business, capital is required. You have probably been to a couple of potential investors and tried to pitch your business to them. Or maybe you have been watching TV shows that give you ideas of what a pitch should be presented. In as much as all that information is helpful, it is of great value to know from the investors themselves really want. Below are 5 points that investors want start-ups to pitch to them.

5 Points Investors Want Startups To Pitch To Them
5 Points Investors Want Startups To Pitch To Them

1.​ Your business is solving ignored problems.

You really need to do your homework before and during the process of starting your business. Your business idea is there to cover gaps that other businesses have ignored. Your product or,and services need to really stand out from competitors.

2. When you pitch, focus on the big picture.

You need to talk real business when it comes to your business. This means you have to understand your industry, competitors, market trends, legal environment or policy changes. Being passionate about your business will compel investors but your skill or ability to make their monies worth is what will seal the deal. Know and understand your metrics for your business.

3. Create products that give a glimpse into the future.

Your business model has to be futuristic. Investors are looking for a business that goes beyond the here and now, and can ‘ve generational. Use data as competitive advantage in growing your business.

4. Get help from Venture Capital firms in your area.

If you’re in or near a major city there’s likely a venture capital firm that focuses on your location. This helps increase your chances of getting investment, networks and mentorship which help you with your start-up.

5. Have a balanced founder team.

Investors are looking for people who have done and do extraordinary things. The founders of the start-up should have tangible achievements that strengthen their positions in the business. Your achievements also show certain qualities that can only be found in successful business people. So go ahead and impress investors during your pitch.

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