5 Ways To Stop Your Cellphone From Stressing You

We live in an era where a person’s cellphone is literally their life like a relationship. Most people are always checking their phones for texts, emails, or social media. Constant phone checking whilst engaging conversations with people or at the table is considered rude. However the even major challenge is how cellphone checking or addiceis really bad for your health. The deep connection people have with their phones can often lead to stress. The stress that comes from cellphone use and checking can delibitate an individual from normal functioning. Below are 5 ways to stop your cellphone from stressing you.

 5 Ways To Stop Your Cellphone From Stressing You
 5 Ways To Stop Your Cellphone From Stressing You

1. Go Offline at Certain Times of Day

Teach yourself to be unavailable at certain times during the day. Take a break from everything and go offline. This also teaches others not to expect you to be constantly available. With this you wean yourself off from always being on your phone. Keep yourself busy with other things that don’t require you to be on your phone. The more pleasure you find offline the less stressed you are..

2. Make ‘Flight Mode’ Your Friend

Did you know that your phone charges faster when you put it in ‘flight mode’? Well you can do more than just charge your phone on ‘flight’ or ‘sleep’ mode. This option allows you to view notifications without disturbing you. You can then allocate times to check your texts, emails and social media updates.

3. Ask People to Join You

We have therapy groups such as the AA, so why not have friends and family join you in cellphone sobriety. When you are together you all switch of your phones and engage in normal conversations just like in the 90s.

4. Delete Your Apps

Make social media less available to you by deleting it. When you don’t have social media apps on your phone, you’ll be forced to only use them when you are at your computer or tablet.

5. Find new habits

Checking your cellphone is an actual habit, try replacing it with something new. Find hobbies or activities that relieve stress and also divert your mind. Start taking walks, listening to music via an iPod or radio or even gardening. What you will be doing is to find new, relaxing stimulating activities that are outside your phone.

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