7 Ways to Have Your Boss Find More Value In You

One of the many reasons that we go to work is to be able to grow and be elevated through our bosses noticing our efforts. Although individuals are encouraged to focus on hard work and gaining success for self, a little appreciation from the boss. It’s actually your boss’ decision to choose you to be successful through promotion and a pay raise. It’s important that you do everything in your power to make yourself valuable to your boss. Some may call it sucking up to your boss, but what you need is to stand out in a way that your boss realizes that you are irreplaceable.

7 Ways to Have Your Boss Find More Value In You
7 Ways to Have Your Boss Find More Value In You













1. Aim to see your boss’ vision and support their goals by aligning yours with theirs so that you can work to meet that vision.

2. Speak your boss’ language by understanding how often you should touch base and how they want information given to them.


3. Always forewarn your boss if there is something that is likely to go wrong or problems that may arise, and that includes going off sick.

4. Always have a plan and even options when discussing or suggesting ideas with your boss and then ask for a little input or the green light.

5. Develop good relationships with colleagues and clients which will work to your advantage for your reputation.

6. Showcase your achievements in a humble manner while giving credit to those who helped you.

7. Develop the reputation for developing others by mentoring and working with others as your boss will see qualities that can get you promoted.

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