Top 10 Jobs for People Who Hate Office Jobs

According to society’s standards an ideal nine-to-five includes a suit, tie and working in an office. For most this is the best work situation but not everybody wants to be stuck within four walls of an office. Fortunately not all occupations require the confines of a cubicle or room for those who love a little more space. There are plenty of  jobs where there is no need for a desk or chair and below are 10 jobs for people who hate the office.

Top 10 Jobs for People Who Hate Office Jobs
Top 10 Jobs for People Who Hate Office Jobs





1. Tour Guide

If you are into the great outdoors and love seeing sights and sharing knowledge

2. Web Developer

Web developers are often self-employed and often work from the comfort of their home. This career is a good fit for creative, detail-oriented, tech-savvy folks.

3. Construction Worker

A construction site is a space for a variety of jobs including being an electrician, plumber, or crane operator.

4. Airline or Commercial Pilot

Soar into open air and to uncharted regions as a pilot. This job requires someone who can work under pressure and are accountable for taking care of people’s lives during the flight.

5. Sales representative

With this job you are always away from the office and out and about meeting new people. Your job is to just sale,sale,sale.

6. EMT/Paramedic

Make a difference in people’s lives by being an EMT or paramedic. The job is to respond to medical emergencies, offering life-saving care.

7. Photographer

Capture life’s biggest moments or historical events by being a photographer. This job often offers a lot of travel and going outdoor.

8. Miner

Do you have a thing for excavating and don’t mind getting dirty then mining could be your space. From driving heavy equipment, managing the mine carts, or taking charge as a supervisor, mining offers so many options away from a desk.

9. Entertainment

Some jobs such as top executives in entertainment require offices but there are jobs that don’t need you to even sign in the office. If you were born with an entertainment streak and you are creative, then you can be an actor, stage manager, artist or events promoter, entertainment journalist etc. These jobs require a lot of out of the office activity and even travelling.

10. Driver

Whether uber, or truck or chauffer, spending your day on your wheels beats hours at the office.




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