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10 Everyday Objects That Harbor Germs

Good hygiene and cleanliness offers peace of mind when it comes to avoiding germs. Different types of germs including bacteria and viruses are found everywhere. They are on your skin and even inside of you. Germs are on everyday objects that you encounter in your house, at the store, or on your way to work. We may take some things for granted and overlook the fact that they have germs. Find out the 10 common objects some people use every day that provide residence for germs.
1. Germs on your TV remote
2. Microbes on Your handbag or wallet
3. Pathogens on your cell phone
4. A kitchen sponge is dirtier than a toilet seat
5. Bugs on your shopping basket or trolley
6. How Dirty Is Your Toothbrush?
7. Contagions at the gas pump
8. Mailboxes deliver disease
9. Tap handles in the kitchen and bathroom
10. Washed laundry