BMW Group DOAthon 2017 in Berlin, Germany

In this DOathon offered by BMW Group and the DO School, you will join forces with BMW Group employees and other young entrepreneurs as well as a diverse group of expert practitioners from all over the globe to experience how you can utilise diversity and co-creation to create a pioneering solution to the Future of Work. You will add the latest ideation methods to your skillset while working on the real life business case set by BMW Group, empowering you to learn by DOing. This is your chance to collaborate with an international group of ambitious participants who, like you, are looking to drive innovation.

BMW Group DOAthon 2017 in Berlin, Germany
BMW Group DOAthon 2017 in Berlin, Germany


  • The DOathon is an intense three-day, standalone program for people who act as champions of innovation: for entrepreneurs as well as intrapreneurs. This short program format aims to equip participants with the skills they need to harness diversity within teams and to use co-creation as an effective ideation tool.
  • We believe in the value of co-creation. That’s why we use extensive peer-mentoring and interactive facilitation techniques to help you get the most out of this intensive program. You will work with BMW Group employees to harness the best of entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial knowledge.


This DOathon is right for you if…

…you are passionate about pioneering the future of work for generations to come, alongside a company that champions innovation, BMW Group. We are especially looking for those of you who fit the following profile:

  • You are an entrepreneur, technology enthusiast or work in a “boom area” with a lack of personnel
  • You have an enterprise or an idea for an enterprise that focuses on education, training, social entrepreneurship or well-being
  • You are a digital native with a focus on technology, or you have a technological background in areas such as app or software development and web development.

DEADLINE: August 21 2017

To apply and for more information  visit here

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