7 Lifestyle Changes To Make You A Successful Entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur can be very life-changing especially during the start of your business. Starting and running your own business has high demands and often you need to be hands on. To be a successful entrepreneur demands focus, discipline, strategy and a lot of time. While there are gains with entrepreneurship there are also a few losses. Here are 5 lifestyle changes you will make to be a successful entrepreneur.


7 Lifestyle Changes To Make You A Successful Entrepreneur
7 Lifestyle Changes To Make You A Successful Entrepreneur


1. You will never take a ‘real’ vacation again. 

TV sells the idea of successful entrepreneurs going on lavish is vacations to exotic islands or on cruise ships. But in reality an entrepreneur’s ideal vacation needs WiFi connection and the ability to call or email even while at a resort.

2. You will decrease your friendship pool. 

It’s lonely at the top and finding friends can be hard as an entrepreneur. Forming friendships with employees can be tricky especially when it comes to drawing the line with boundaries. Because you spend most of your time at work, you might not even have a social life.

3. You will talk about work more than anything else. 

Ever gone out to a social gathering or just the local hangout and meet people who ask how you are? Or what do you do for a living? Your response is more likely to be about your work. You can’t help it even if you want to engage in small talk. 

4. You will lose and gain friendships over “work habits”.

People’s work ethics vary hence when the difference in value systems. Some people prefer a 9 to 5 that has weekends off while you feel at home at work. While others might praise you for your work ethic, some might view you as a prude. You will be more likely to get along with people who believe in working the same way as you do.
5. Your choice in a spouse/partner may be the most important choice you make. 

As an entrepreneur your relationships will definitely change. You will require someone who is supportive an understands you. 

6. Being alone will be your new norm. 

Whether it’s due to working overtime or trying to see your vision come to fruition, being a loner will become part of your lifestyle. This is because you are the only person who understands what you want to achieve hence you are creating and shaping your destiny.

7. Social media will become an avenue that is exclusively used for work. 

Before being on Facebook or Twitter was fun and random, but these days your focus is on your brand. Even on your personal social media accounts you will find yourself constantly promoting your company and brand 

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