7 Ways To Be On The Best Employees List

It’s month end and you are waiting to announced as the employee of the month, and then your name isn’t called out. Have you ever wondered why certain employees seem to get all the perks at work? Some may call it ‘favouritism’, while bosses or management call it the ‘top employees list’. Some bosses have a physical list while for others it’s in their head. Employees whom bosses find valuable tend to get perks and incetives that others don’t. The boss gives them more time, assigns them special jobs and even give them pay raises. Do you think that you are a good employee who deserves to be on that list? Or do you have what it takes to have your superiors find you very valuable to the organization? Below are 7 qualities (as well as ways) of getting onto best employees list.

7 Ways To Be On The Best Employees List
7 Ways To Be On The Best Employees List

1. Good employees work hard 

2. Good employees are honest and have integrity.

3. Good employees seek growth and development on both a personal and organisational level.

4. Good employees are accountable to their actions and responsibilities.

5. Good employees work well with their colleagues and credit the team for their contributions.

6. Good employees seek to expand their reach and contribution to and for the organisation.

7. Good employees aren’t afraid of failure and learn from their mistakes.

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