10 Things Not To do On A First Date

So, you finally get a date with your crush. You have been planning the place to go and probably activities you will take part in. First dates are an opportunity to put your best foot forward. Though nervewrecking, if you act your best, you might get a chance for a second. However there are things that you must avoid doing if you don’t want to blow your first date.


10 Things Not To do On A First Date
10 Things Not To do On A First Date


1. Be late

Punctuality is always important, especially on the first date.

2. Talk about your ex

First dates should be lighthearted hence avoid bringing on your baggage. Don’t try to scare away your date by opening files about your ex.

 3. Show that you aren’t listening

Nothing says rude or ‘I don’t care’ by not paying attention to your date.

4. Dress inappropriately

Put some effort in how you dress. Avoid too tight, too short or sloppy clothing.

5. Choose messy food or not eat at all

Nothing as embarrassing as failing to eat because your food gets messy. Also avoid the whole salad thing uncles you are a vegetarian or not eating at all.

6. Get drunk

Having one too many on a first date isn’t very attractive. If you then misbehave whilst drunk you make your date feel uncomfortable.

7. Talk too much over your date

Dates are about getting to know about each other hence if you are the only one talking, you will ruin your date.

8. Suggest sex

Leave something to the imagination by not talking about sex. Also don’t ask to hav sex on the first date just because you had dinner or went out.

9. Spending time on your phone

Yes your Snapchat is interesting and you might want a pic for the gram, but be courteous to let go of your phone.

10. Bring your friends

Nobody likes a third wheel even if it’s your whole gang. A date is about the two of you and bringing your friends along will suggest to your date that you might not be interested.

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