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How to Determine How Much You Should Earn

How to Determine How Much You Should Earn

One of the important questions asked during a job interview is ‘What are your salary expectations?’ This is a rather tricky question which needs a well thought answer. If you provide a salary range that is too high or too low, then the hiring manager may view you as a bad fit for the position. You also don’t want to earn below what you need, deserve and what industry standards require. If you are starting a new job, or you want to negotiate a salary raise, below are factors to consider to determine how much you should earn.


How to Determine How Much You Should Earn

How to Determine How Much You Should Earn

1.Researching salary ranges in your industry

Gather as much information as you can on salaries in your field, including your most recent job and salary.

2. Ask Salary Experts

Ask independent recruiters or organizations can help you with how much you should earn. You can get more specific feedback based on your skills as well as conditions in the larger market and what companies want to pay

3. Consider your budget and basic needs

You need to look at your basic needs such as rent, transport, lunch, and bills. You also need to consider benefits such as health insurance, education, travelling expenses etc. If the suggested pay range doesn’t meet your basic needs you might need to reconsider.

4. Account for important variables

Things like location and schedule flexibility can have a significant impact on your salary level. Salaries vary from city to country, and even organization size.






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