10 Qualities Of An Intelligent Student

Often during a student’s educational period, they aim to excel with excellent academic grades. While some students struggle there are those who seem to cruise through their education. There have been debates about the differences between a studious individual and an intelligent. To be honest it’s difficult to tell the difference between an intelligent student and a hardworking one but there is a huge difference. Do you think that you are intelligent or have someone that you assume is intelligent? Check out some of the qualities of a truly intelligent student below.

1. They are curious and ask a lot of questions

2. An intelligent student often studies at night

3. Often have non generic hobbies and interests as conpared to their peers

4. Tend to be loners or socially awkward

5. They accept and learn from their mistakes

6. They debate, discuss or argue intelligently

7. They have unkempt appearance

8. They don’t try too hard although they are perfectionists

9. They don’t think of themselves as intelligent

10. They can actually be delinquent or have bad habits such as smoking or drinking

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