10 Tips for Getting Along With Your College Roommate

Going to college means meeting and living with total strangers. You were used to sharing your space with your peers and siblings, but it might be different with someone else. Having a roommate can have its challenges, it can also be a great part of your college experience. Follow these ten tips to make sure you and your roommate keep things pleasant and supportive throughout the year.

1. Be clear about your expectations from the start

You need to communicate how you want to live with your roommate. Indicate your habits and pet peeves and allow your roommate to do the same.

2. Address problems before they blow up

Don’t wait until you are fed up to deal with issues. Address little things before they blow out of proportion.

3. Respect your roommate’s stuff

Set boundaries on borrowing, using, or take anything without getting permission first.

4. Take caution on the number and frequency of visitors

What might work for you might not work for your roommate. Come to an understanding about visitors and how often they should come into your room.

5. Keep your room secure at all times

Lock all doors and windows so as to protect your roommate’s and your personal belongings. Ensure that only you and your roommate have access to your room.

6. Be friendly but don’t expect to be best friends

You should be friendly with your roommate but also make sure you have your own social circles.

7. Be open minded

You and your roommate come from different backgrounds. You need to be able to need to learn and empathize with your roommate.

8. Always be open to change

You should expect to learn and grown and change during your time at school. This also applies with your roommate as you both navigate your way through college.

9. Address major problems too

Deal with major issues that you may have ignored when they were small.

10. Follow the golden rule

Treat your roommate like you’d like to be treated. No matter what your relationship is at the end of the year, you can take comfort knowing you acted like an adult and treated your roommate with respect.

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