10 Ways To Stand Out From Other Women

With Instagram and 21st standards of beauty, it can be hard for any woman to attract a man’s attention. The more attractive or popular the guy that you are interested in the more you have to stand out from your competition. This applies to guys too when they are interested in a special lady. So how do you attract the attention of your crush? You will have to be attractive not just physically but also mentally, verbally and even emotionally.  Use these 10 tips to make yourself more unique than other ladies in his radar.


1.Don’t overdo fashion or make up but instead be yourself 

2. Don’t throw yourself over him

3. Be passionate about life

4. Have a life of your own

5. Be nice but don’t be a walk over

6. Be knowledgeable about the world around you

7. Be witty and charming

8. Be gracious and generous 

9. Be on top of situations no matter the pressure 

10. Have a signature i.e. statement, fragrance, or dress style 


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