5 Reasons Every Man Should Have Chivalrous Habits

In the 21st century, chivalry is slowly becoming an extinct part of dating and relationship. Maybe it’s due to the blurred lines between female independence and the misconstrued views of relationships. The internet, social media and even society at large have let certain habits slide. There is still a section of society that still believes in ‘ladies first’, opening doors,  putting your jacket on her and sending flowers. There are women who want that simple kiss on the forehead and the gesture of saving the last piece of food for her. If you are a guy looking to woo a woman worth a committed relationship, then you will need to apply chivalry. Below are 5 reasons that every man should have chivalrous habits.

1.It sets you apart from the crowd

Women have heard the words, “I’m not like other guys!” to their greatest disappointment. By being chivalrous- consistently, you are definitely showing that you are different. So many guys approach beautiful women on a daily basis, so if you want to capture the attention of that special lady, be a gentleman.

2. You attract a better quality of women

You attract what you are and that’s a law of attraction. When you are a high quality man you in turn attract a high quality woman. Ladies and even ‘wife material’ have law tolerance for men with bad behaviours, so a chivalrous man will find a woman who appreciates his gestures.

3. You raise the bar of expectations

Imagine being a trendsetter although chivalry is not a trend but should be part of your DNA. When women experience a gentleman like you they will brag about you to their friends. And anybody who can listen. You also offer competition to other men to behave and treat women better.

4. You create deeper and longer lasting relationships

Being chivalrous will make you trustworthy and will create more meaningful connections. When a woman can trust you, you are able to build a solid foundation for a long lasting relationship.

5. You prove that this is not a generation of players

Many women say chivalry is dead and there no good men left. Well in an era of players, booty calls and ghosting, you change the narrative.


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