5 Tips to Avoid Job Search Scams

You are on your journey of searching for your dream job. The internet has provided a wider platform for job searchers. There are number of job boards and job search engines that have legitimate job openings. However there are also a variety of scams on many of these sites. Most people fall for fake job openings often being robbed off personal information and money. Most fake jobs often seem too good to be true but it can be hard to suspect. Below are 5 tips that will allow you to avoid job scams.


1.Use the right job boards.

Scammers usually go onto job boards looking for people to scam. Use job sites that have extensive privacy policies that only allow verified employers to post listings.

Research the company.

Go on the company’s website to confirm it is a legitimate organization. See if the job listing is posted on the company site too. S

3. Never provide sensitive financial or personal information

Do not release your national identity  number, bank account or PIN, PayPal, or credit card information. 

4. Ask for references

Check for the company’s contacts and ask for a company’s references. Request a list of employees or contractors, and then contact them to ask questions about the company. 

5. Check job scam lists.

Check with legitimate organizations to see if others have reported the listing as a scam.

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