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Cindy Celebrates Her Shop Anniversary 

Songstress Cindy Munyavi is one of the best examples of brand expansion as she dabbles in a lot of ventures. She is a singer, songwriter, TV hostess, brand ambassador and business woman. In 2014 the multi-award winning songstress ventured into the fashion industry by opening a boutique. Cindy has always had a passion for fashion and always looks on point with her personal style. On Friday the ‘Setter Pace’ singer celebrated the anniversary for her clothing store ‘Cindy’s Fashion corner.’

In her post she shared how she opened her store with money that she had intended to buy a car with. She also shared the journey of being a business owner through the tough economic times. She shared:

“3 years ago ndakavhura Cindy’s fashion corner with money I had saved for a car and I chose to start a business instead and continued ku famba nema combi ..I started with near empty shelves but a heart full of faith. Currently renovating the store to celebrate 3 years in business. The economic environment is tough but the support the customers continue to give is overwhelming.Mwari vakanaka nguva dzose ndadzamirwa Mkoma Zuckerberg pavandi tumira pikicha iyi cuz i was so busy i had forgotten that today is our 3rd anniversary. ..Happy birthday Cindy’s Fashion Corner😍😍😍.Go Glam💕💕💕”




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