Facebook Introduces Offline Video Viewing On Android Phones

Facebook has over the years worked to stay ahead of other social media platforms. Facebook is testing a feature that will enable its users to watch videos without using up their mobile data.

Facebook confirmed it was testing with a small number of Android users. Users will be able to watch Facebook videos when they are offline. An individual can load videos on WiFi spots, then watch them even if they are offline.

All you have to do is simply click the drop-down menu of any video and select ‘Save Video’ to use the newly added function. The footage will soon appear under ‘Videos’ in your ‘Saved’ directory.

The feature does not let you download videos straight to your phone. Instead, it keeps the file within your Facebook app so you can view the video later. This means that you can only access offline videos from within the app itself.

Facebook has been working in recent months to improve its mobile offering for those with different connectivity and data plans. For people in a country like Zimbabwe or the Southern African region which has high data tariffs, this is pretty exciting news.

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