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Tytan Falls In Love Unexpectedly In ‘Juma’ Music Video

Every artist has a muse or inspiration for their music and in Tytan’s case, we are finding that out. Tytan has always made music for the ladies ever since he dropped the smash hit ‘Mukoko’. Now with his blossoming and highly publicised relationship with Olinda Chapel, it’s evident that she’s the inspiration for the music.

Off his self-titled EP, ‘Tytan’, Skhokho released the visuals for his latest single ‘Juma’. ‘Juma’ is a follow-up to ‘Penge Penge’ and continues with the story of love.

While Tytan just shared the link to the video, bae Olinda shared the story behind the song. She shared that this was the first time that Tytan wrote about their relationship in a song. She said:

“Juma (Makes me better) is one of those songs that is very close to my heart. It’s the first time that Tytan Skhokho penned into song our relationship. You could say it was “the beginning. It tells “our” story how we met and how it got to be. We met and how we found love in a hopeless place. We were both coming from broken places. Takango Jumana and what do you know we found light in each other. How we couldn’t be without each other, how we spent hours on the phone talking. Whilst we thought it was nothing but a friendship and how we brushed it off as two people that just got along. Yet our hearts had fallen for each other way before our heads could get round to it. It was a JUMA JUMA and a DHUMA DHUMA.”

The video is very colourful showing romantic moments between Tytan and his love interest. Tytan takes his love interest on a picnic before proposing to her. They pop champagne, dance but we must say that the scenery in the video is amazing.

Watch Tytan share his love story in the music video below:


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