University of British Columbia Scholarships 2018

UBC’s International Scholars have the potential to make a difference in the world. They are high academic achievers, they have demonstrated exceptional extracurricular activities, and they are dedicated to giving back to their communities.

Available Scholarships


International Leader of Tomorrow Award winners receive awards proportional to financial need. Financial need is determined by tuition, fees, and living costs, minus the financial contribution you and your family can make annually. A standard needs-assessment is based on the financial information provided by you and your family.
The International Leader of Tomorrow Award can be renewed for up to three additional years of undergraduate study or to degree completion, whichever is less. Your award may be renewed provided you achieve satisfactory academic standing in your faculty, continue to demonstrate financial need, and maintain your Canadian study permit (student visa).


The Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award recognizes outstanding international undergraduate students from impoverished or war-torn areas who have achieved academic excellence under difficult circumstances, and who would be unable to attend university without financial assistance.
The value of the award is proportional to demonstrated financial need and enough to cover tuition costs for your program of study, including living expenses.


To be considered for the Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award, you must:

  • be an international student – neither a Canadian citizen nor a permanent resident of Canada – and be studying in Canada on a Canadian study permit (student visa)
  • come from a war-torn, or politically unstable region of the world, and/or from an economically disadvantaged region of the world
  • have achieved academic excellence under difficult circumstances, with no financial means from family or other sources to pursue post-secondary education (neither in your own country because it is unavailable or unattainable, nor outside your country because it is unaffordable)
  • be graduating or have recently graduated from a recognized senior secondary school
  • be applying for your first undergraduate degree
  • be able to demonstrate superior academic achievement (at least an “A” average or equivalent standard) and leadership potential

Application Deadline: December 1, 2017.

For more information visit here.

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