5 Food Combinations That Are Bad For Your Health

Some food combinations are a match made in heaven. They can be delicious or nutritious or both. But on the other hand Food combining is a health-conscious approach to eating, where foods that require different digestive environments are eaten separately. Various food combination theories have somewhat controversial views, however, there are some points that they agree on.

1.Yogurt with fruit

Yogurt contains plenty of bacteria which will act on the sugar present in fruits. This results in toxins, cold, allergies. Alternatively you can have plain yogurt with honey, cinnamon or raisins.

2. Water with food at mealtimes

It’s important to have your eight glasses per day. You also need to drink at the right time. Drinking water before a meal is a good idea. If you drink while eating, precious enzymes for your digestion are diluted and they are not nearly as effective.

3. Sandwiches and coffee

Most people who like to eat on the go opt for coffee and sandwiches. A delicious combination especially with cheese. The downside is that bread has carbs that prevent calcium from being digested properly. If you love cheese sandwiches, then at least try to replace coffee with white or green tea.

4. Cucumbers and tomatoes

While tomatoes and cucumbers are a common combination in a number of salads, it’s not ideal. The two vegetables can disturb the biochemical pathways of your body. This can lead to excessive calcification and swelling, and the vitamins contained in both vegetables won’t be digested properly.

5. Banana and milk

This combination is very popular with health fanatics. However bananas are high in sugar whilst milk has antibacterial properties. Bananas slow down the digestion system, especially when eaten with other foods.

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