10 Signs Of Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

Cancer is a very tricky disease to detect in its early stages. The signs and symptoms can be similar to those of other non maligns conditions. While it’s very important to have routine check-ups and tests sometimes this cannot be reliable. Any strange symptom that you find suspicious and unexplained can help you detect cancer on time. To save your life you need to be aware of what to look out for. Below are the signs considered to be the earliest signs for different types of cancer in your body.

1.Chest pain and chronic cough

According to some patients, pain down the arm as well as chest pain and cough are common for lung cancer. Some types of cancers like leukemia and lung tumors can even mimic symptoms of a chronic cough.

2. Recurrent fever and infections

Infections as well as frequent fever can signify leukemia which we all know is one type of a blood tumor that develops in the bone marrow. It makes the marrow produce abnormal white blood cells which later attack your whole immune system.

3. Difficulty swallowing

Having difficulties swallowing may signify the presence of throat, lung or esophageal cancer.

4. Swollen lymph nodes on the underarms, groin and neck

These are often negative changes in the lymph system and they are mostly caused by cancer.

5. Bruising and non stop bleeding

This sign can mean leukemia which causes the amount of white blood cells to be abnormal. It can eliminate the red blood cells and your body becomes unable to clot, so you’ll start to lose blood.

6. Pelvic and abdominal pain

These signs along with cramps and bloating usually signify ovarian cancer.

7. Bloating and sudden abdominal weight gain

Make sure you visit a doctor if these symptoms continue for a long period of time as they usually indicate ovarian cancer.

8. Swollen and inflamed nipples

Any kind of change in your nipples like swelling or inflammation should alarm you to visit your doctor because it may signify breast cancer.

9. Heavy and frequent periods

Doctors usually relate these signs to uterine and endometrial cancer. Make sure you get a vaginal ultrasound so that you can rule out cancer.

10. Pain in the back and lower right side

This may be a sign of liver cancer, but also indicate breast cancer because some breast tumors press backwards into the chest.


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