70 Percent Price Increase Causes Pharmacies To Hike Drugs

It has been revealed that drug prices have gone up by up to 70 percent in the last three weeks. This is according to the Association of Healthcare Funders of Zimbabwe (AHFoZ). The main reason for these price hikes are the current foreign currency shortages. Some pharmacies are reported to be demanding payment in United States Dollars only.

Pharmaceutical retailers have been reported to say that some of the increases have been unavoidable as suppliers have increased their prices.

In a statement AHFoZ said, “The AHFoZ wishes to advise medical aid members that most pharmacies have increased the price of drugs by between 30 percent and 70 percent over the past three weeks.”


It had been reported that pharmacies are charging huge shortfalls,and rejecting medical aid cards.  However, the Pharmaceutical Society of Zimbabwe (PSZ) said, “No medical aid cards are being rejected except those that are in serious arrears, which is not something new. No pharmacy is asking for United States dollars because if they were no one would be getting medical services since there is a severe shortage of the currency in the country.”

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