9 Types Of Breast Cancer Related Conditions

Breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer in women. Symptoms include a lump or thickening of the breast, and changes to the skin or the nipple. Risk factors can be genetic, but some lifestyle factors, can also cause breast cancer. There are several types of breast cancer and related diseases. Check out the 9 Types Of Breast Cancer Related Conditions.

1.Invasive breast cancer

Invasive breast cancer is the most common type of breast cancer. With this type of cancer has cells that have grown through the lining of the ducts into the surrounding breast tissue. This are classed as NST stands which means No Special Type. Most invasive breast cancers have no special features.

2. Invasive lobular breast cancer

Invasive lobular breast cancer starts in the cells that line the lobules and has spread into the surrounding breast tissue. The lobules are the glands that make milk when breastfeeding. Invasive lobular breast cancer is much the same as for the most common type of invasive breast cancer. More than 1 in 10 breast cancers diagnosed are invasive lobular carcinoma. This type is most common in women between 45 and 55 years old.

3. Triple negative breast cancer

Triple negative breast cancer is an uncommon type of breast cancer. The main treatments are surgery and chemotherapy. A rare type of breast cancer known as basal type breast cancer is usually triple negative.

4. Inflammatory breast cancer

This is a rare type of breast cancer. In inflammatory breast cancer, the cancer cells block the smallest lymph channels in the breast. These channels are part of the lymphatic system which drains excess tissue fluid away from the body tissues and organs. The breast might look swollen and red and may feel warm.

5. Angiosarcoma of the breast

Angiosarcomas of the breast are a type of soft tissue sarcoma. They start in cells in the walls of blood vessels or lymphatic vessels.

6. Male breast cancer

Breast cancer is rare in men. There are some similarities between male breast cancer and female cancer. But there are also important differences between the two. The most common type in both women and men is called ‘invasive breast carcinoma. The most common symptom for men with breast cancer is a lump in the breast area. This is nearly always painless.

7. Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)

DCIS means that some of the cells lining the breast ducts have started to become abnormal.

8. Lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS)

LCIS is not cancer. There are changes to the cells within the lining of the lobules of the breast. Having LCIS increases the risk of breast cancer.

9. Paget’s disease of the breast

Paget’s disease is a rare skin condition that is associated with some breast cancers.

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