Top 10 Social Media Tactics For Small Businesses

Businesses are now utilising all sociall media platforms. Each site has its requirements which brands have to learn. If executed well, your business can achieve not only engagement but also increase sales. Below are the top 10 social media tactics for small businesses.

1. Use micro content in your post to increase engagement.

2. Redistribute your content and links to websites or blogs on different social media platforms

3. Use videos and make GIFs from your videos

4. Always reply and like replies to commaays, as well as replying DMs.

5. Watch out for new platforms and try them early

6. Optimize your username with keywords

7. Use text above your link to push your offer or call to action

8. Publish content regularly; 3 or 4 times a day.

9. Maximize the number of hashtags and put them in the first comment

10. Use action words to get engagement on your posts

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