Top 10 Things Not to Say When You Quit Your Job

You might be tired of your job and have decided to quit it. There are many reasons why most people quit their jobs and at times it’s necessary. There are certain things that we could possibly do or say. Make sure that you part ways o a good note with your former employer.  Below are top 10 things not to say when you quit your job.


1. Don’t talk bad about your boss even if they were horrible

Any commentary linking your departure to your boss’s character or disposition isn’t going to help. If your old boss gets word of about what you have said about them, it might ruin your next job.

2. Your manager isn’t a good one.

Don’t say that you are leaving because your boss was incompetent even if it’s true.

3. Don’t mention the performance or bad attitude of team members as a reason for your departure.

When employers check on your background, they often seek input from staff as well as supervisors. If former subordinates or co-workers are insulted by your departing remarks, then they will be more likely to reference your shortcomings as a manager or teammate.

4. You are leaving because you are underpaid.

While you might not be happy with your salary, you need to keep your salary pay dissatisfaction to yourself.

5. The company is a mess.

If you think the company is disorganized, don’t say so. Your employer will be well aware of any problems within their organization.

6. The products or services provided by your employer are inferior.

When you work for a company you are helping build the vision and that means supporting their products and services. Don’t bad mouth your former employer or what they do.


7. You are leaving immediately and won’t be giving any notice.

An abrupt departure can be used to substantiate allegations that you weren’t a dedicated or professional employee. There are some circumstances where it’s acceptable to quit without notice but give two weeks.

8. You are unwilling to train your replacement.

It’s a good idea to ease the transition for your boss by assisting your new replacement and showing them the ropes. This will benefit you with a good recommendation in the future.


9. Be humble

Don’t brag about your new job to fellow employees since this can generate resentment. Rather thank them for their support and mention how you will miss working with them.

10. Don’t put anything negative in writing.

Keep your resignation letter positive so all involved remember you as a positive person. Here’s how to write a resignation


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