10 Common Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid

When looking for a job, a cover letter is an introduction. Cover letters are acknowledged by potential employers. In the event that the hiring manager need more information about you, your cover letter is your backup. your cover letter can help with giving a brief overview of your experience and qualifications. Your cover letter should help your candidacy and increase your chances of being hired. Below are some of the common mistakes that candidates make when writing a cover letter.

1.Not getting straight to the point

2. Sharing personal information and too much of it

3. Highlighting skills that have nothing to do with the job

4. Using inappropriate languages such as slang or text language

5. Talking too much about yourself instead of what you can do for the company

6. Presenting yourself negatively in an attempt to seem humble

7. Exaggerating our skills, accomplishments, and work history

8. Using a generic cover letter that indicates no effort on your part.

9. Making the cover extremely long which decreases your chances of the hiring manager reading it.

10. Sending an incomplete and unpolished cover letter with grammatical errors.



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