10 Signs Your Partner Isn’t Serious About Your Relationship

In every relationship it’s important to be on the same page. You are in a relationship and you are trying to make it work. You know that the two of you make the perfect couple. But your partner is suddenly your partner is making you feel like you aren’t their partner. You are making excuses for them hoping that it will get better. You are also trying to adjust yourself so that you can be better. Here are 10 very clear signs this is a situation and not a relationship, and it’s going absolutely nowhere.

1. They’re “too busy” to communicate or spend time with you.

2. They string you along.

3. They make everything all about them.

4. They ill-treat other people and are rude to your social circles

5. They disrespect things that are important to you.

6. They don’t introduce you to important people in their lives.

7. They are constantly saying “sorry” for the same thing.

8. It’s all about sex.


9. Your friends can’t figure out why you keep trying.

10. They shut you out from being close to them or being emotionally connected.

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