10 Tips to Impress Your Teacher

Impressing your teacher will go a long way for you. The ultimate goal is to have good grades and advance to the next stage. Teachers are human beings with their own issues and concerns. Their job is complex because they work with several personalities. While some students make teaching easy, others can have a really bad attitude. Being that one student who has a positive attitude and does well in class is refreshing. If you can go the extra mile to show appreciation and make work easier for your teacher, you will be fine. When your teacher is motivated they will be more

1.Pay attention to detail

2. Do your homework making sure that you hand it in on time.

3. Be attentive in class, making sure that you participate and be engaged.

4. Be helpful in class especially with tiding up the classroom.

5. Be willing to say the wrong answer or not know it all.

6. Be punctual when getting to class.

7. Show enthusiasm for assignments and the subject

8. Ask for extra help with homework and assignments.

9. Don’t correct your teacher in front of everyone

10. Don’t use your phone in the class.


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