4 Ways To Maximize Your Meetings

Most employees find most of their time spent in boardrooms than any other place. Often meetings feel like a drag and tend to be unproductive. However, an organization aiming to achieve a creative and productive team needs to make meetings worth it. A meeting done right can cultivate an efficient and effective workplace culture. As part of a team, individuals can collaborate with management and organize meetings that reap results. Below are four things you can do to maximise work meetings.

1. Have a meeting with a purpose

Meetings should have a purpose and avoid trying to tackle too many things in one goal. Tasks that don’t need a meeting send a memo or brief via email. Otherwise, allow staff to know the main agenda of the meeting and keep it short.

2. Invite only the key people to the meeting.

Don’t invite people whom the agenda of the meeting doesn’t concern. If it’s decision making, then get management, but if it’s about general conduct, then get the whole staff.

3. Prepare an agenda, set a time schedule, and stick to both.

Don’t waste people’s time by just randomly calling for a meeting. Schedule a meeting with an agenda and a time. Keep your meetings short and precise by preparing your agenda using a presentation. Use bullet points and even diagrams to emphasize key points. Keep discussions on track and focused on the meeting’s purpose.

4. End the meeting with a summary of the outcome and then follow up.

End your meeting by briefly summarizing the decisions and outcome. Have a written brief of the meeting and email it to everyone in the organisation. Make sure that you schedule a follow-up meeting that will look at the agenda’s achievements.


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