5 Health Warning Signs Your Skin Is Telling You

Your skin on its own, can have disorders and problems. From acne to eczema these skin diseases already have their own symptoms. Did you know that some skin conditions such as rashes, colour changes or growths can be symptoms to other health issues. While you can treat your skin conditions, it’s important to have yourself checked out. You will also experience a handful of symptoms that indicate it’s time to visit a doctor. Find out the 5 signs your skin might be trying to tell you.

1. Flaking

Does your skin resemble that of a reptile when it’s shedding? Often flaking is a common warning sign of dehydration. Flaking can also be a sign of  hypothyroidism or diabetes.

2. Pale skin

This might mean that you need to go out in the sun more. In most cases pale skin the lips, could signal that you are anemic. To be sure you need to also check for fatigue, dizziness and headaches to make sure that it is anemia.

3. Acne and facial hair

Acne and unwanted hair along the jawline, chin, and upper lip, could be a symptom of polycystic ovary syndrome in women.

4. Sweating

If you find yourself sweating for no reason then you might have goitre or Graves disease.



5. Rashes and itchiness

Your skin can itch with or without a rash. In the event of persistent itchiness with no rash, it could be a pruritis, which is one of the earlier signs of lymphoma.

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