5 Types of Toxic Employees

For a business to run well there is need for a solid team of employees. When every employee puts in their work there is increase in productivity. However every employee comes with their own personality. While some personality traits are easy to deal with, others can pose a challenge. As an employer, you have to ensure that you deal with negative traits that can be harmful for the business. These people tend not to be team players and pull other workers down. They also affect the work environment and tend to be insubordinate. Below are five types of toxic employees and how to spot them.

1.The disorganized employee

These employees make soap operas look like child’s play. They tend to be passive in their work ethic and are extremely disorganized. They also tend to be unkempt in appearance and are barely on time for anything. This person needs to be motivated and be shown what’s expected of them. Offer extra training, implementing an improvement plan, and providing support.

2. The procrastinator

This individual could be intelligent or have a lot of potential but they lack motivation. A procrastinator at times has an entitlement behavior. They miss work and don’t meet deadlines for assigned work.  To motivate such an employee reward the individual when they put in effort. By being appreciated, the procrastinator feels motivated to perform better. Following up on them also keeps them alert and aim to be on top of their game.

3. The victim

Also known as the martyr. This individual does way too much but this doesn’t make them a good team player. Instead, they become condescending towards co-workers. The overworking will also make the ‘victim’ employee exhausted hence under performing during the course of time. Encourage team work and delegation for such individuals.

4. The Socialite

The socialite is that individual who’s rarely doing what they should do. They tend to distract other workers and tend to be the gossips. To deal with such an individual, use the socialite to communicate with clients of the business.

5. The bully

The office bully is the worst type of toxic employee. They make it hard for other workers to enjoy the workplace. They lack respect and often are manipulative. The best way to deal with such individuals is to support employees being bullied. Issue warnings that will let the bully know that they will be fired for negative behaviors .

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