6 Rules to Make Your Coffee Healthier

To some people, coffee starts their day or gives them an energy boost. As health experts encourage most of us to have a decent amount of coffee. It’s important to stick to focus on the health benefits of drinking coffee. There are many great benefits in one mug of coffee including improved cardiovascular health, reduced diabetes risk and even improved mental and physical performance. If you love your coffee but need to stay healthy, below are 6 rules to make your coffee healthier.

1.Skip the cream

Have your coffee with low-fat or soy milk instead of cream so as to avoid calories.

2. Flavor with spices

Natural spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom are not only tasty flavor punches for your coffee, but they are packed with antioxidants. If making coffee for yourself, add the spices straight to the ground coffee grains.

3. Add extracts

Add natural extracts such as vanilla, like coconut, hazelnut, or maple to your coffee.

4. Enjoy a plain latte.

Aim for two servings of latte a day as the milk provides dairy to your diet.

5. Add Chocolate

Add some flavour to your coffee by adding dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains Bio-active Nitric Oxide (NO) which essentially helps dilate our blood vessels allowing an increase in oxygen uptake by the body.

6. Drink Coffee After Food

Caffeine has the ability to suppress your appetite hence it’s important to have coffee after a meal.

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