6 Secrets to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Life is a constant juggle between one’s work and personal life. During our productive years, we often spend most of our time in the workplace. Work often demands a lot from individuals in terms of time, physically and even mentally. If caution isn’t taken, a person can burn out and be less productive. To ensure that the team as well as management are healthy and engaged, establish a work-life balance. This can be done by following six secrets that allow individuals and teams in companies to have a healthy and well balanced work and personal life.

1. Lead by example

As a leader take time off, a day or even knock off early. By doing this, employees learn that everyone should have a life outside the workplace.


2. Don’t reward workaholics

If possible, limit access to the work place after hours, during weekends or on holidays. Do not reward or encourage workaholics.

3. Encourage vacation time

It has been noted that companies who allowed employees to go on vacation are more likely to be productive compared to those who don’t. Employees need time to relax and spend time on personal pursuits and relationships.

4. Formulate work-life integration

There are several ways to integrate work and personal life and still be productive. One method is to have special days where employees can have an outing and invite friends and family. The other way is to have technology and methods of communication that can allow them to work from home.

5. Adopt time-saving technology

Implement the use of software and applications that allow workers to work from anywhere. This can also allow to make work easier for employees during work hours.


6. Offer workplace flexibility

Have flexible work schedules that allow minimal time spent in the office. Individuals could have half days, or telecommute. This allows employees to find time to do other things outside work. By giving employees flexible work schedules, they are likely to be happy and engaged.

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