6 Tips to Appeal an Academic Dismissal

While this not common, at times universities might dismiss students who have been academically underperforming.  As a student at a university, you are expected to maintain good academic grades by maintaining 2.00 or higher GPA. You are also required to show up for a class as well as demonstrate discipline. Failure to observe the above mentioned during the semester could lead to dismissal. However, most institutions of higher learning allow students to appeal an academic dismissal. There are effective ways to go about the appeals so that a student can be reinstated to college. Read the 6 tips that can help you get back into good standing at your college.

1.Appeal in Person

If you have the option of making a written or in-person appeal, choose the latter.This will show how serious you are about getting reinstated back in school.

2. Don’t involve your parent plea your case

By involving your parents in your plea, it will seem as if you aren’t interested in returning to college. The committee wants to see you taking responsibility for your bad grades, and they want to see you standing up for yourself.

3. Be honest

Be honest about the real reason why you failed to perform well academically. By owning up to your mistakes you show the appeal committee that you are mature and willing to rectify the mistake.

4. Don’t Blame Other People

Be accountable and take responsibility for your own actions. Avoid the temptation to blame other people for not performing well or your dismissal.


5. Have a Plan

Now that you acknowledge that you were dismissed for poor academic performance, you can make a plan. The best way to have a convincing appeal is to indicate that you have identified the problem and have a solution for it. If you don’t present a plan for the future, the appeals committee is likely to think you will end up repeating the same mistakes.

6. Show humility and be polite

While you might be frustrated about being dismissed it’s important that you keep calm. An appeal is the second chance for you. Be humble and polite to staff members and even if your appeal is denied show sincerity and gratitude.


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