5 Ways to Deal With College Rejection

You are applying to your dream college or university and have high expectations to gain entry. You have given careful detail into your application letter. Understanding that college admissions are increasingly selective, the last thing you need is to be rejected. You check your mail on a daily basis for that acceptance letter. You then receive a rejection letter from that college. This can leave you feeling disappointed, stressed, and even hopeless. What do you do? Below are 5 ways to deal with college rejection.

1. Give yourself time to grieve and feel disappointed during the initial blow of the rejection.
2. Don’t take an admissions rejection personally, as schools just didn’t have enough openings to accept all of the good applicants.
3. Don’t isolate yourself but instead socialize with people who help you feel better about yourself.
4. Get some counseling to help you deal with the feelings of rejection that you may be experiencing.
5. Go back to the drawing board and make your next move. You can reapply or choose other options

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