African Women’s Development Fund 2018

The African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) was established in 2000, as an Africa-wide philanthropic grant making initiative to support the realisation and fulfilment of African womens rights through funding of autonomous women’s organisations on the continent. AWDF works towards the creation of healthy, just and inclusive societies framed by equality, peace and respect for women’s rights. Since its founding AWDF has awarded more than US$34 million grants.


AWDF accepts applications from women’s rights organisations registered and working in DAC recipent countries in Africa (including Zimbabwe) and Middle East.
·AWDF funds women-led, woman’s organisations as a priority. Organisations must have:
-a track record of work on women’s rights,
-a woman as organisational director/lead,
-a majority(at least 70%) of women staff,
-at least 70% women involved in the governing board/body,
-a stated commitment to women’s rights/gender equality in the organisational mission/vision/goals,
-at least 70% of programmatic resources must be dedicated to direct programming on women’s rights;
·the program applied for will be managed by a woman.


Activities to be considered for funding include:

·Campaigns to advance specific women’s agendas, law and policy change;
·Training to build core advocacy/social change skills;
·Media and communications campaigns;
·Action resource and knowledge production with an advocacy focus;
·Alliance and movement-building;
·Strategic litigation;
·Engaging the regional and international human rights system and international treaty bodies;
·Interventions to change public attitudes on key policy issues.

Deadline: 5 January 2018.

For more information visit here.


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