How to Solve the 5 Gadget-Related Body Problems

Most people use gadgets in their everyday lives. People take assume certain positions when using their gadgets. With phone users they bend their heads to look at their smart phones. This often causes back, neck and headaches. Bad posture can also lead to longterm physical changes. Below are methods to deal with the 5 gadget related body problems.

1. Text hunch

The text hunch occurs when a person looks down at their phone. To solve this use you phone at eye level so that you can sit upright.

2. Laptop Slump

This is common when one uses the laptop in bed. The laptop slump affects the spine and neck. Place your laptop on a surface direct to your chest.

3. Ipad thigh rest

Using an iPad or tablet on one’s thighs causes pain to the area. To solve this, sleep on your side and place your iPad at eye level.

4. Couch flop

Some people lie on their stomach whilst using their gadgets. On couches, this position affects one’s posture. To resolve lie on your back and raise gadget up.

5. Elbow bend

To avoid elbow bend when using a phone or tablet, lie on your side. Use the gadget at eye level

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