10 Important Signs Your Body Is Very Stressed

People have different ways of dealing with stressful life situations. Everyone occasionally feels under the weather. But if one is stressed for a long time it can take a toll on one’s health. Stress can lead to numerous chronic conditions. You might deny it but your body will report. Below are 10 conditions that serve as signs that your body is under severe stress!

1. You’ve Got Skin Diseases

Scientists have shown through research that mental stress can activate skin issues. From acne to eeczema your skin conditions might be excarcebated by stress.

2. Your Weight Fluctuates

Stress releases a hormone known as cortisol which is responsible for keeping the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats in your body in check. However, when understand stress you could put on a lot of weight or lose weight.

3. You feel cold

Stress weakens your immune system hence causing colds and allergies.

4. You have stomach issues

When stressed you can find yourself having stomach pains or ulcerations.

5. Poor Concentration Levels

Chronic stress can severely affect your concentration levels.

6. You Experience Hair Loss

Scientists have found that stress can cause hair fall and partly or completely bald.

7. You Get Frequent Headaches

Stress has been known to trigger a number of headaches.

8. You are depressed

You find no satisfaction in life due to stress.

9. You Can’t Sleep

Stress can affect your sleep cycle and can even give rise to insomnia.

10. You experience pain in your chest

Stress can damage your heart, and is a major reason for all sorts of cardiovascular diseases.

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