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10 Zimbabwean Songs Featuring Tehn

Without a doubt, Tehn is one of the best rappers and artists in Zimbabwe. With several projects including his debut album A Few Good Poems, he has proven his talent. Tehn is actually very popular on the continent and has managed to work with several big names. King Dimple has a lot of music and is versatile in genres. He writes, raps, sings and even act. While it’s an honour to be on a Tehn track, it’s even a bigger deal when he jumps onto other artists tracks. As he celebrates his 3rd birthday we would like to share Tehn’s journey in music. Check out the 10 Zimbabwean Songs Featuring Tehn.

1. Who U Are by Rue

2. Ingirozi by Gary Tight

3. Take You Away by Davina Green

4. Newe by Soul Afrika

5. In My Arms by Daniel Jenkins

6. Kana Ndinewe by Trevor Dongo

7. The Sign by Karizma

8. Handione by Elliot also featuring Russo

9. Before Dawn by Synik also featuring Aurra the Poet and Prayersoul

10. Picture Perfect by Verseless also featuring Daniel Jenkins

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