5 Foods that Affect Your Face

Everybody has a desire for healthy glowing skin. Your face is the first introduction to what your skin looks like. The skin on your face can show a lot about your health. It can actually be an indication of what you are consuming. Find out the 5 Foods that Affect Your Face.


Alcohol dehydrates the body hence your skin gets affected. The face becomes dry, scaly or ashy, and even wrinkles.


A sugar face can be seen through acne,your skin ages faster, wrinkles appear, and pigmentation disruptions. Substitute sugar with molasses,cinnamon or honey.


For those lactose intolerant, the face becomes swollen and the skin wrinkles. In some cases one can experience blemishes. Minimise dairy intake or completely go off milk products.


Gluten is a protein contained in wheat, rye, oats, and barley and beer, whiskey, vodka. Check if you have gluten intolerability by excluding the products containing it. Look for gluten free foods such as brown rice, seeds and pulses.

Fast food

That pizza, burger or fries are delicious and filling however too much of fast foods is bad for you. Fast foods cause acne and blemishes.

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