6 Steps to Creating a Great Visual Business Plan

A business plan is the crucial part of starting a business. Having a complete business plan helps grow and secure investment capital. What makes your business plan even more attractive by making it visual. Use diagrams and graphs to illustrate your business ideas. This will make your business plan simple for the readers.

1. Mission

Explain why the business exists. A good way to summarize your mission is with a process list diagram.

2. Objectives

Create milestones for important events. Your objectives for the set time frame should not be less than a year nor should it be longer than five years. A timeline diagram is a good way to present this.

3. Team

Use an organizational chart to show your team. Make it clear why each person is the right “fit” for the mission.

4. Marketing

Present a 4Ps diagram that looks at your product, who the potential buyers are, how to reach them, and at what price point they will buy.

5. Tactics

Choose the right way of delivering your business ideas in your business plan.

6. Finances.

Show your projections in forms of charts.

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