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The Most Flamboyant Zimbabwean Celebrities

There are celebrities then there are celebrities. In Zimbabwe these people are often referred to a public figures. With the territory one is often known for their talent or what they display to the public. Some prefer to keep themselves out of the limelight while others sure know how to attract attention. They’re able to do this, through their social media and public forums. They aren’t shy to show off their clothing, lifestyle, cars and even accolades. Below are some flamboyant Zimbabwean celebrities.

Genius Kadungure

A.k.a Ginimbi, has so many followers due to his extravagant lifestyle. He loves to show off his cars mainly. His all white partied have tongues wagging every year.

Wicknell Chivayo

Sir Wicknell often gets backlash for showing off. He will post about literally everything – famous people, high end shops, food and his plane flights.

Philip Chiyangwa

Phillip Chiyangwa is the OG of flamboyant Zimbabweans period. The man has the most quoted statements including ‘Apa hauna cash!” (And you don’t have cash!). From his beautiful family, to the clothes, cars and famous people he rolls with, Dr Chiyangwa keep the public very inspired.

Tazvi Mhaka

The South African based businessman is more famous as a socialite compared to what he actually does. He is known for travelling around the world, spending ridiculous amounts of money at clubs and his famous circles.


Being a musician in Zim hasn’t achieved the Forbes status as yet, but Mudiwa lives lavishly. The rapper loves the finer things in life achieved no isn’t afraid to show it off. Clothes, cars, shoes, famous friends and even the bling in his earrings are what Mudiwa serves.

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