10 Uses for Petroleum Jelly that are Good for Your Health

When all fails, petroleum jelly will always be a good to. Tried and tested for generations, petroleum jelly is a low cost and effective lubricant for the skin. It’s got multi-use purposes in the home. Many people use it for its oil based properties that often give a supple look to the skin. Check out the 10 reasons why you should use petroleum jelly for your health.

1. It moisturizes and soothes skin problems such as eczema especially during dry, winter months.

2. It helps those who suffer from allergies especially around the eyes and nose.

3. It can soothe your sore nose during a bout with a cold or flu.

4. It’s used to soothe open wounds and cuts.

5. Petroleum jelly is used to soothe cold sores.

6. Often used to relieve diaper rash and other minor rashes.

7. It’s also an anti-chafing strategy.

Slather petroleum jelly on dry, cracked heels (or elbows, or hands) to moisturize skin. (Photo: Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock)

8. Softens dry and cracked heels in winter.

9. It soothes dry nail cuticles as well as dry skin.

10. It’s a lubricator for shaving as well as soothes piercings.

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