8 Ways of Dealing with Sexism In The Workplace

In current times, issues about gender, pay equality and sexism are still prevalent in the workplace. Sexism is strange in the sense that it’s often subtle although at times in your face. Sexual harassment has been placed as headlines and more companies are being called to vigilance. While sexual harassment is more common with women, it affects everybody. Sexism is discrimination based on gender and at times sexual orientation. Sexism comes in different forms including jokes, prejudicial comments and even tasks. Sexism Sexism is often viewed as harmless however it can make the workplace unbearable. It often poses as a challenge

1. Turn the tables.

If someone says or does something that is sexist, ask that person if he or she would have done or said the same thing if you were a man.

2. Ask why you’re being targeted for certain tasks

If you’re always being tasked with domestic duties around your office, ask why are you the only one doing those duties. Ask for distribution of duties without making it about gender.

3. Talk to that person about it in private.

Don’t call out a person in public. If you feel that a colleague is being sexist or disrespectful, pull them aside to discuss the matter privately.

4. Don’t laugh at the joke

By laugh at a sexist comment or joke. By not laughing you are asseting yourself that you will not tolerate such behaviour.

5. Ask a person to repeat the sexist statement

By asking a person to repeat what they said, their words reflect. They might then realize what they say is wrong.

6. Ask for an explanation

When you feel that there has been unfair treatment ask for an explanation. The same applies if you feel that what has been said might have been misconstrued.

7. Just say ‘no’

No is the most powerful way to trump down sexism. If you are asked to do things that you know are against your will or company policy, then turn down the request.

8. Go to a supervisor

If you continuously feel offended it’s best to go to a supervisor. A supervisor will be able to mediate and maybe reprimand according to company policies.

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