Africa Matters Initiative Ambassadors Programme 2018

Ambassadors will formulate and lead a team of five to launch an Africa Matters Hub in their country. Under the direction of the Africa Matters leadership that team will coordinate and host workshops and school talks in their country, connect with other organizations and experts in Africa and the diaspora and contribute to the growth of the organization as well as the boarder community at large through their ideas and actions.

Ambassadors will receive training and mentorship, access to high profile events, and dedicated support from the main Africa Matters Initiative team.


The Ambassadors Program take place over a 1 year period. It will include online training, the execution of four projects and formal recognition.

Online Training: Training will consist of learning about the Africa Matters Initiative Objectives, Strategic Plan and Media and Operations, basic skills and leadership development, women empowerment and social entrepreneurship

4x Projects: Ambassadors are required to do a minimum of four projects in their community (workshops, writing and/or school talks) and are encouraged to work with and empower fellow young people.

Pilot recognition: After a successful year of training, leadership development and projects, participants will be awarded with an AMI recognition certificate, motivational letter and will officially be ambassadors of AMI in their respective areas joining the larger core team.


The first Ambassadors Programme is open to nationals living inRwanda, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Namibia.15 – 35 years of age.No formal educational background is required.Applicants must be willing to learn and develop new skills,be challenged and to contribute to changing Africa’s narrative ininnovative ways.

DEADLINE: March 5 2018

To apply and for more information visit here

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